Welcome to your Dosage Calculation

1. Mr. P. is ordered a dopamine drip at 3mcg/kg/min. Mr. P. weighs 80kg. Your dopamine is supplied in the concentration of 800mg in 250cc D5W. The IV should be run at _________ ml/hr.

2. Mrs. B. is ordered epinephrine at 3.4mcg/min. It is supplied at 2mg in 500ml D5W. The IV should be started at _________ ml/hr.

3. Mr. C. was ordered nitroglycerin (NTG) at 67mcg/min. The drug is supplied at 100mg in 250ml D5W. The IV should be started at _______ ml/hr.

4. Your patient was transferred from another hospital. On arrival you note he is on Dopamine at 10ml/hr. Hanging is Dopamine 400mg in 250ml D5W. How many mcg/kg/min is your patient receiving? Your patient weighs 60kg. ______________

5. Your patient is ordered to be started on heparin 1100units/hr. The drug is mixed in a concentration of 25,000units heparin in 250ml D5W. How many ml/hr should your patient receive? ___________

6. Your patient is on Dopamine to increase his blood pressure. The order reads Dopamine to maintain MAP (mean arterial pressure) between 70 and 90mmHg. The maximum dose of Dopamine the physician wants given is 20mcg/kg/min. Your patient weighs 100kg. The concentration provided is 800mg in 250ml D5W. What is the maximum ml/hr that can be given before notifying the physician that the Dopamine is not enough to maintain the patient's BP? ______________

7. Your patient was given a bolus of procainamide and is to be started on a procainamide drip at 3mg/min. The concentration is 2grams in 250ml D5W. Your should regulate the procainamide drip at _________ ml/hr.