Diamond Labor Solutions works with hotels, resorts, restaurants, event spaces, banquet halls and catering companies to find, and recruit banquet staff. Our heritage in the hospitality industry makes us the ideal partner to work with to fill these important positions.
Finding the right banquet server, the right food prep team, and the right staffing partner can make a good event great.

Diamond Labor Solutions recruits chefs, cooks, and banquet servers from all across the United States. Diamond Labor Solutions relies on our recruiting networks built with nearly 20 years of experience in the Hospitality industry. Our network of talents allows us to offer a deeper pool of workers due to seasonality differences. Your high season is someone else’s low season! Let us work your needs and demands to fill the gap in your kitchen or food service staff, such as waiters and banquet servers. Whether an event require one or two banquet servers or an entire team of hundreds of banquet servers, Diamond Labor Solutions is here to help you.

Weather in need of banquet servers or any other banquet staffing workers, Diamond Labor Solutions offers different options to fill our clients specific needs. Depending on positions, the needs of your hotel, restaurant, organization or event, and your finances, temporary staffing or direct hire might be the right choice for you. Keep reading to get more information about this!

Contract Staffing or Temp Staffing gives our clients the flexibility they need to staff at peak times or for special events. Diamond Labor Solutions handles taxes, worker’s comp, payroll taxes, recruiting, vetting and hiring costs for banquet servers and other staff. Learn more about Diamond Labor Solutions Contract Staffing.

This fee based service allows us to recruit for a wide range of positions. Our clients employ the worker directly, without the expense or time consuming hassle of hiring on their own. Finding talents is one of your biggest challenges as a leader, and our team of recruiters finds talent through its nationwide network. Learn more about Diamond Labor Solutions Direct Hire here.

Our client base for banquet servers ranges from venues with a regular need to one-time clients who need staff for a specific events. We have work with hotel ballrooms and event spaces as well as catering companies and restaurants. Contact us with your specific needs and we can offer an on going contract or one-time event pricing.

We’re always hiring for banquet servers and banquet staffing jobs. You can register with us, and begin working shortly afterward! Whether you’re looking for part-time work or full-time hours, we can help facilitate you needs. Register with Diamond Labor Solutions here.